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Also known as "The Land Beneath The Wind", Sabah's geographic location south of the typhoon and monsoon-prone belt and year-round tropical and sunny weather makes it an amazing paradise for travelers worldwide.

The magnificent Mount Kinabalu is the tallest mountain in Malaysia and lies within the Kinabalu National Park. Standing at an astounding 4095.2 meters, it is the highest peak between the glaciated islands of New Guinea and the Himalayas.

The indigenous people of Sabah come from many tribes each with its own distinctive cultures and practices that are hundreds if not thousands of years old. It is this rich tapestry of culture that makes Sabah what it is today.

Set between lush tropical hills and the South China Sea, Kota Kinabalu, a British Settlement founded in the 1800s, is the capital city of Sabah. It takes its name after Mount Kinabalu, located about 50 kilometres northeast of the city.